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Improve Wellness and Productivity For Your Employees

Hey, I'm Matt and I am a personal trainer and a 500 hour yoga teacher, earning both my certifications in San Diego, California. I am here to boost the wellness your employees in a way that is convenient and accessible.

The benefits of wellness practices in the office cannot be understated and will have a huge positive impact to both the employer and the employee.

Reduced stress and improved physical health are key to the wellness and productivity of your employees. Not only will they have more satisfaction with their work environment but you are more likely to attract more progressively minded employees who will have a priceless sense of goodwill to businesses that values their health and wellness.

My main practice I offer is yoga which has huge positive messages such as being in the present moment, controlling the breath and gratitude. The practice will also help correct postural distortions such as having a rounded back from sitting at a desk.


Both Online and In Person within the South Wales Region (From Monmouth to Swansea)

Warrior One


This isn't your typical yoga class. We have specifically tailored our styles to suit the office environment. Depending on your preferred style, your employees will either come back feeling well rested and relaxed or energised and creative.
- Restorative: Low Intensity
- Gentle Flow: Moderate Intensity
- Vinyassa: High Intensity

Yoga Class


Ideal for home and office practices where there is limited space available. These classes can often be completed in the fraction on the time of a standard yoga class. This is due to equipment not being required and employees can comfortable practice wearing regular clothes.

Guided Meditation


Simplest way to encourage your employees to switch off and take a break. Through a guided meditation and breath work we can boost your employees overall well-being so they can return to their tasks refreshed.
Yoga on the Beach


Ideal for a a short wellness retreat where your employees can be surrounded by nature


  • Improved employee motivation and job satisfaction leading to higher engagement and productivity
  • Reduction in the number of sick days taken by employees due to the health benefits from exercise  
  • Reduction in stress, anxiety and depression which is one of the leading causes of long-term absence
  • Improved interpersonal relationships leading to more collaboration and healthier work environments
  • Improved employee satisfaction and retention due to progressive wellness programs
  • Improved posture. ONS calculated around 15% of all absences is due to musculoskeletal issues.
  • Improved employee creativity and innovation due to yoga providing a clearer mind

  • Improves workplace harmony by building connections with fellow employees
  • Improves functional fitness so they can get more out of life
  • Relieves frustrations
  • Teaching them techniques that allows them to calm the mind and maintain a clear head
  • Improves relationships and family life outside the office


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For bigger bookings please call or email me directly

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